We're a bunch of geeks who used to work at Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Sony, Amazon, and IBM. We build cool things using TensorFlow, Spark, Docker, Kubernetes, Akka, Play, React, Komandan, and ClusterGraph to disrupt the status quo of the clothing industry.

We need more friends that get xkcd, waitbutwhy, and commitstrip. We need more offlane supports for our DotA 2 teams. We want people who actually signed up for a personal VPN just so they can access Reddit from Indonesia.

Let's geek out together!

Some words about working at Sale Stock Engineering


Up to date technologies

Smart peers that you can learn a lot from. Using new technologies for every projects. Lots of exciting projects you can freely choose to get involved.


Breakneck speed and good at it

Great mentors, really smart peers, and true-to-vision Chief Officers. An awesome place for software engineers,they use bleeding edge technologies (First one to use React Native in Indonesia)


Best working experience in Indonesia

Best IT working experience in Indonesia. A lot of talented people from any places meet together building something that big and matter for Indonesia.


A whole package startup. Fast growing and fast moving one.

Fleksibel dan bisa bekerja remote di manapun. Setiap bidang menawarkan challenge yang sesuai. Dengan kolega tidak ada hirarki. Membutuhkan kemandirian. Salary, benefit, asuransi ok.


Giving access to affordable, quality clothes to the next billion of people. That's why we code. It's our raison d'être.

You can't live without clothing and the clothing industry is crooked. They sell clothes for 5 - 10 times of its manufacturing price and offer bogus discounts at their whim. They cater only to the fortunately privileged and abandon the under-privileged.

We use scalable platforms to remove overheads. We use AI to optimize the supply chain. We use server-side rendering to give access to the under-privileged.

We're breaking the status quo through technology.




We invite you as owners, shareholders; and not just as an employee. We give you stock grants. This is YOUR start-up, too.

No Bullshit, No Politics Culture.

We hate meetings. We hate delegators. We give credits to everyone that deserves it. We own our own mistake. 'Nuff said.

Benefits on Demand

Health, Maternity, relocation, meals, books, remote working, nerf guns. You name it, we have it.

Interested? Here’s our current job openings

Find your dream position from our list below, ranging from Design to Back-end positions. If you can’t find a suitable position, fret not, we would still love to hear directly from you! Send your resume to [email protected]