Backend Engineer

We are looking for a backend engineer with passion and growth mentality to tackle various challenge in developing performant, resilient and scalable system. Our core system developed in Scala, supported with several microservices written in Node.js and Python with MySQL, Cassandra, and Redis as storage.

As a Software Engineer working on our Back-End development team you’ll help us develop services, exposed through clean & thoughtful APIs, that will store and process product cataloging, inventory, membership, and order. We develop most of our services today in aforementioned technologies and languages, but our microservice architecture is language-agnostic and we’re open to new tools and ideas.

You’ll be great in the position if:

  • Your passion is building back-end services that are performant, resilient and scalable
  • You could have an hour-long discussion about best practices and high quality deliverables.
  • You’re not satisfied with code until it’s clean and understandable to others
  • You believe that good automated testing is critical to create good software.
  • You prefer working in a collaborative and team environment.
  • You have strong communication skills necessary for effective teamwork.
  • You are a fast learner and love to grow your skills

Experience that would give you an edge:

  • Experience with Scala, Java, or the JVM
  • Experience in data modelling in SQL or NoSQL Database
  • Experience with Akka, or other actor-based system
  • Familiarity with Python and Javascript/Node.js
  • Knowledge of Domain Driven Development, CQRS, Docker, Microservice architecture, and/or AWS
  • Experience developing ecommerce, warehouse system or retail system.

Note: you can send your email to [email protected] with subject: Apply for Backend at SS Engineering Please attach your resume and if you have Stack Overflow or Github (and have some contribution to open source project) account that’d be good.




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