Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

Placement: Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta (relocation provided)

The machine learning team at Sorabel provides an opportunity to apply supervised as well as unsupervised learning on a large scale data. We build algorithms and models to understand user behaviour and to optimize a number of business processes


  • Develop predictive analytics for user behaviour and apply machine learning and/or optimization techniques in core subject areas including but not limited to *recommender systems, product understanding, customer segmentation, demand forecasting, warehouse optimization*.
  • Formulate data science problem statements from business problems.
  • Visualize data and insights for both business and technical audiences.


  • Proficient in SQL and one or more of the following programming languages: Python, R, Scala.
  • Knowledge of various machine learning techniques (clustering, classification, deep learning, etc.) and their real-world advantages/drawbacks.
  • Experience with machine learning frameworks (scikit-learn, Spark MLlib, etc).
  • Able to build, validate, test, and deploy machine learning models.
  • Capable of building hypotheses and demonstrate the ability to identify and communicate data driven insights.
  • Superior data and analytical skills including the ability to define and decompose relevant metrics and evaluate the corresponding impacts in the context of Sorabel’s business.
  • Willing to conduct undirected research to optimize untapped areas of growth.
  • Detail-oriented and excellent time manager who thrives in a fast-paced working environment..
  • Independent learner, self-motivated, and willing to share knowledge with team members.
  • Participation in Kaggle or any other Data Science competition is a plus.
  • Experience in building ML models at scale using real-time data pipelines such as Spark is a plus

Note: you can send your email to [email protected] with subject: Apply for Data Scientist at SS Engineering. We are waiting for you to come and join us!