Dev-ops Infrastructure

We are hiring a full-time dev-ops person to join our core team who has significant experience configuring, managing, and monitoring frontend servers and backend services at scale.

We have millions of visitors and quickly growing, and you will have the great opportunity on creating the infrastructure to support that. Our backend tech stack currently includes Linux, Scala, Python, MySQL, Redis, Cassandra, Zookeeper, Kafka, AWS (EC2, ELB, RDS, ElasticCache, Elastic Search, S3, EB, CloudFormation, VPC, etc).


  • Tune our MySQL database, diagnosing capacity issues and causes of deadlocks
  • Tighten up security of our servers
  • Automate more processes
  • Setup autoscaling of our workers
  • Make our deployments faster and safer
  • Make sure our backup and recovery procedures are well tested
  • Instrument our application with more metrics and create dashboards
  • Remove single points of failure in our architecture
  • Build a great culture, product, and business


  • Have real world experience building scalable systems, working with large data sets, and troubleshooting various back-end challenges under pressure
  • Have significant experience with AWS, Linux/ Unix, MySQL, Redis, Cassandra, Kafka, Zookeeper
  • Experience configuring monitoring, logging, and other tools to provide visibility and actionable alerts
  • Understand the full web stack, networking, and low level Unix computing
  • Always be thinking of ways improve reliability, performance, and scalability of an infrastructure
  • Be self-motivated and comfortable with responsibility

Note: you can send your email to [email protected] with subject: Apply for Dev-ops Infrastructure at SS Engineering Please attach your resume and if you have Stack Overflow or Github (and have some contribution to open source project) account that’d be good.




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